Pinnacle school of success was born out of the idea
'the greatest assert of any individual is education'.

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Pinnacle Culture / Extracurricular Activities

At Pinnacle we have a very active cultural life plan in place. There are numerous cultural opportunities in which learners can participate.

All in all, Pinnacle is much more than a great academic institution, or even a great sporting institution. It is also a place where learners get exposed to a wide array of cultural happenings thus having the opportunity to become truly well groomed youths.

Music Department:

Pinnacle Primary has a lively music department, which provides every student with the opportunity to perform wholeheartedly and to develop in many spheres of life.


We plan to run two choirs, namely the Senior Choir (Grade 4 – 6) and the Junior Choir (Grade 1, 2, 3).

While the Junior Choir does not sing in harmonic voices, they learn songs in a variety of languages. The choir not only enhances the love for singing, but also forms an integral part of each child’s educational balance. Auditions are held for students interested in becoming choir members.



Symphonic Brass Band:

This band consists of a full brass- and woodwind section along with percussion players. Instruments include: flutes, clarinets, soprano-, alto- and tenor saxophones, trumpets, E Flat horns, trombones, tubas, an electric bass guitar and a drum kit. Students are allowed to participate in the band as soon as they can produce a pure tone (no age restriction). The band is involved in accompanying the school choir and is often invited to perform at school-, sport- and cultural functions. The band also accompanies singing during Assembly.

Weekend camps shall be held regularly where the learners’ technical skills are fine-tuned. Amongst others, professional musicians are invited to evaluate and train the students on these camps.

Clubs / sports

Learners shall adhere a minimum of two of the following club activities offered at Pinnacle; Journalism and creative writing, Environment, Arts and craft, Karate/Nabbed/Judo, Table tennis, Cookery

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Outings / events

During the first term we have a picnic where the parents get to know each other and the teachers.

The high light of the second term is the Fun Fare where the boys can sell their own products for own gain. The third term is known for the concert and a visit to the Zoo.

Our fancy dress days are a way to show the students how fortunate they are and help them do their part in giving back to the less fortunate. During these days the boys dress up according to a theme. They bring along any items in their possession that are not necessary for them any longer and make donations with according to the theme. These donations are distributed to various needy charity organizations