Pinnacle school of success was born out of the idea
'the greatest assert of any individual is education'.

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Leadership development and Poverty Reduction

According to law no 98/004 of 14th April 1998 laying these guidelines for education in Cameroon stipulated in its section 4 that “The purpose of education shall be to train children for their intellectual, physical, civic and moral development and their smooth integration in the society, bearing in mind the prevailing economic, socio-cultural, political and moral factors. This is fully entrenched in the core value of Pinnacle.

Good relationships between teachers and the administration, good salary status, and adequate space / good learning conditions. The Principal and head teacher will play many roles and for them to fit the profile of “change Agent”, they must not only manage but lead. To this regard, we are producing leaders and not those who are being led.

Apart from the teaching staff, Pinnacle will be providing widespread employment and income earning opportunities to those who will serve as food vendors, cooks, cleaners, gatekeepers, drivers and uniform manufacturers / tailors.

These notwithstanding, the aims and content of the Pinnacle’s curricular will be an enabling factor in the lives of pupils, students, and society at large. This is because we are out to reduce the rate of indolence and absolute dependence on the Cameroonian government.

Creating a class of educated pupils / students (leaders of tomorrow) is meant to fill vacancies left by departing expatriates or otherwise fill vacant positions in governmental services, public corporations, private businesses and other professions.


Rules and regulations binding learners conduct 

  1. No Child shall be allowed to leave the school before official closing time without the authorization of management and/or the Coordinator
  2. Children shall appear in school acceptably clean, in their correct uniforms
  3. All children shall dress in black shoes and white socks every day
  4. All pupils shall tuck in their shirts and button up their shirts at all moments
  5. All boys shall have a low cut while the girls are allowed to plate but a hair style without mesh should not be kept on for more than 1 week
  6. Pupils are not allowed to wear jewelry in School
  7. Any school book or property destroyed or lost by a pupil shall be replaced by the parent/guardian
  8. Collective movement (into and out of class, Marching) shall be in an orderly manner
  9. All children upon arrival in the morning shall stay in their various classes and only go out during Assembly Time
  10. During break all the children shall sit and eat in their classes before going out for relaxation
  11. All the children waiting after 2.30 pm shall all sit in waiting room
  12. All the Requirements of the Pupils (Textbooks, Uniforms, bags, exercise books) shall bear the names of the children clearly written on them
  13. Learners are forbidden to:
    1. Write on the walls, benches or floor
    2. Write on the board without the authorization of the teacher
    3. Go out of class without the permission of the class teacher/without an Exit Card
    4. Bring the following to school; knives, toy guns, pins, catapults or any dangerous objects that may cause injury
    5. Bring pornographic magazines or films of any nature to class or school
    6. Play with a ruler, pen or pencils or carrying them into their mouths
    7. Push and pull, hit or pinch their mates
    8. Run roughly or get into rough play like running at full speed, throwing stones, etc that may likely cause accidents
    9. Take home a book, a pen or a snack box that does not belong to him/her
    10. Destroy the flowers in the school campus

Talk in French while in school except during French Lessons and at home


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