PINNACLE FOR THE UNDERPRIVILEGED herein called P4U is a non-profit making and apolitical organization whose main goal and ethos is to eradicate hardship, help service users reach their full potential in life and contribute positively to the economic growth of Cameroon and the world at large.

P4U is a charity arm of the PINNACLE GROUP CAMEROON (a private limited company) with the main objectives being sponsorship of underprivileged, vulnerable and marginalised children as well as empowering rural women through sustainable agricultural training programs. The charity is founded on the premise that a reasonable percentage of financial gains from the businesses of Pinnacle Group Cameroon PLC (Pinnacle of Success Academy, Pinnacle Consulting Services, Nforbelie Estate etc) and the benevolence of well wishes/friends and funders shall be invested into the charity to alleviate the living and educational conditions of some poor and vulnerable children.

Sustainable development experts working with Pinnacle Consulting Services shall organise and train rural women in a bit to boost agricultural productivity for families whose livelihoods depend solely on subsistence agriculture. Pinnacle aim to provide workshops, trainings and seminars to equip these women with life skills for eventual agricultural productivity, using the sustainable livelihood approach (SLA)

Pinnacle of Success Academy will provide an environment conducive for the education of a number of underprivileged children selected from nearby communities.

We recognize that our reputation shall be built on maintaining high standards on every project and every cause every day.