On The Agricultural Scale:

P4U facilitates the provision of agricultural inputs to the local farmers, as well as educates them on the dangers of certain primitive agricultural practices such as the slash and burn system of cultivation which is not only a primary destroyer of the vegetation, but also disrupts natural habitats (ecosystems) and stimulates climate change in the long run. Slash and burn combined with shifting cultivation represent the main agricultural techniques used in rural communities in Cameroon. These methods are detrimental to the environment and do not guarantee sustained yields.

P4U equally facilitates the process of forming Common Initiative Groups (CIGs) through which the famers can easily benefit from government assistance, in addition to the provision of highly-skilled agricultural technicians to help train the famers on modern techniques of cultivation, as well as provide them with new high-yield and disease-resistant seeds/seedlings.

We equally train framers on basic industrial processes that lead to the transformation of perishable agricultural products like Irish potato, sweet potato, cassava, etc into more relatively durable products like Irish potato flour used for the production of diverse pastries like cakes, crisps, chin-chin, bread etc; sweet potato flour and juice, cassava juice etc.

On The Socio-economic Scale:

To facilitate the insertion of the Rural Women into today’s challenging business world and promote local enterprising spirit, P4U offers training, capacity-building and reinforcement workshops in the domains of dress-making (tailoring/sewing), embroidery, internal decoration, t-shirt designing, new Information and Communication (ICT) techniques, production of local fabrics, detergents, etc.