Basic Living Standards

Children's Bill of Rights

A child, for the full harmonious development of his or her personality, should grow in a family environment as much as possible; an atmosphere of happiness, love and understanding. All orphanages in Pinnacle Foundation network follow the same set of standards, based on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and outlined in the United Nations Children's Bill of Rights. In 1989, the United Nation ratified the Children Bill of Rights, which mandates that each child living in this world should be guaranteed the following rights:

• The right to energy

• The right to healthcare and nutrition

• The right to stable loving and nurturing environment

• The right to education. In addition to the basic education skills, the children:

• The right to equal opportunities

• The right to direction from parental role models that is led by example

• The right to be prepared for active and responsible citizenship through play, sports, cultural activity, informal education and increasing responsibility.

• The right to make complaints to an identifiably, impartial, and independent body in order to assert children's fundamental rights.