P4U provides help and hope to underprivileged children. There are several ways for you to donate or support this cause and participate in our mission to empower children to reach their full potential. Find below are some of the methods:

A) Sponsor a Child

Our sponsorship program gives you the opportunity to change the life of one of these children forever. A monthly donation will give them a safe environment complete with emotional support, education, excellent nutrition, medical care, clothing and a bed of their own. This will be a springboard for the children to have a mindset to strive for academic and moral excellence.

B) Travel to Cameroon

Given the fact that Cameroon is a peaceful country and with outstanding touristic sites, joining us on a trip to Cameroon to visit one Pinnacle Foundation's area of activity could be a life time venture and experience. Our trips combine sightseeing in one of the most interesting places on our planet and above all, acting as an agent of change to put a smile on the faces of children who are in need. What a fulfilling and life changing adventure!!

C) Donations

Every little penny and contribution really makes a huge difference in the lives of these children. This money goes a long way towards healthy food, tuition, better living conditions and medical care. With your donation, you will receive regular email updates, personal testimonial from the beneficiaries and our quarterly reports on the evolution of things.

D) ‘Give a Miracle’

Our ‘Give a Miracle’ Program gives you the opportunity to donate a much-needed item to institutions we will be working closely with like orphanages. You could choose to donate items such as children laptops, computers, dresses, bikes, bunk beds, or text books to children in our orphanages. This program gives the latitude for donors to give specific items to the beneficiary in someone's name.

E) Volunteer

The role of volunteers will not be under estimated in this project. They will be our ‘unsung heroes and heroines’. We have a wonderful group of like-minded individuals (150) who volunteer in our office in the day to day running of the project and help out to befriend and mentor the children while giving them the required emotional support. They also help out in preparing and organizing events, or donate their professional expertise and time to assist us with our work whenever the need do arise. They do this alongside on-site staff.

F) Corporate Sponsorship

Whether you donate to build an orphanage, sponsor a group of orphans, support a fund raising event, or volunteer, there are many ways for your company or organization to get involved.

Become a global parent or sponsor with P4U.

G) Sponsor a Child Initiative

Our Sponsorship Programs allow a surrogate family to support these children financially and emotionally. For some orphans, you will be the only family they will be able to call their own. The children will get the sense of belonging that only a family (even thousands of miles away) can provide. What a privilege to know a child is smiling somewhere thanks to your generosity

You can send pictures and letters to the children so they will know who is supporting and caring for them. In return, you will receive letters, report cards, pictures, and emails periodically throughout the year. Choose a child to sponsor and feel the joy of being a global parent. You will change your life and theirs forever.