Status & Objectives


Pinnacle for the Underprivileged - P4U is a charity organisation operated by Pinnacle Group Cameroon to foster its corporate social responsibility. P4U is authorized by order # 00000774/ARDA/J06/APPBA.

The main objectives of P4U are:

To provide a future of hope to underprivileged and / or vulnerable children through formal and in-formal education and providing all forms of assistance to needy children in the domain of social welfare;

To provide awareness to underprivileged children on health epidemics like HIV etc; and,

To empower rural women through enhancement of agricultural productivity and sustainable livelihoods.

Pinnacle Group Cameroon has as slogan achieving excellence together and through its P4U initiative, no woman and/or child (foundation blocks of any society) should be left behind.

Thanks for being part of the Pinnacle community


Millions of children in Cameroon share a similar story, living far below the international poverty level and with very little or no hope or support from their respective families. Pinnacle Corporation through its charitable arm will provide underprivileged children with basic necessities such as food, water, clothing, shelter, education, medical care, love and most of all - hope. P4U is dedicated to empowering children to reach their full potential and be what they aspire to become in life.

P4U aims at making a significant impact on the lives of poor and vulnerable children by:

• Providing basic education for the underprivileged as well as supporting existing institutions like orphanages and centers for vulnerable children.

• P4U intends to raise funds for support of its charitable work and find sponsors for the support of vulnerable children.

We will achieve our goals thanks to an incredible staff, ambassadors, partners, sponsors, volunteers and supporters. Remember ‘every child is your child’.

Pinnacle's "Sponsor a Child" initiative is intended to give hope to vulnerable children by providing medical and basic educational needs (fees, uniforms and books) while the children live with their respective families. Pinnacle shall find foster parents / sponsors both nationally and internationally so that they could reach out to as many underprivileged children as feasible. The beauty P4U’s sponsor a child initiative is that a sponsor shall be able to visit the sponsored child and see first-hand the impact being made in the life of the beneficial child.

At a time of economic uncertainty and rising levels of inequalities, the role of women around the world cannot be overemphasised. Pinnacle recognises women as the back bone of rural societies hence the need to focus on empowering rural women in sustainable agricultural practices and sustainable methods and approach to livelihood. Slash and burn combined with shifting cultivation represent the main agricultural techniques used in rural communities. These methods are detrimental to the environment and do not guarantee sustained yields. Pinnacle Foundation shall use its Agronomy and Environmental experts to provide training to rural women in ways of increasing sustainable outputs / yields and maintaining soil fertility as well as preserving the environment.