P4U uses Agronomy and Environmental experts to provide training to rural women on ways of increasing sustainable yields and maintaining soil fertility

In addition to the training mentioned above, Pinnacle Foundation shall also seek to create a platform for the following programs and courses:

• Marketing strategies for farm produce

• Community savings and banking advice

• Cooperative farming systems

• Create conducive environment to promote debates between individuals thus learning from each other

• Promote women's full and equal participation in the Economy

• Tailor agricultural extension and technical services to women producers and increase the number of women advisors and agents

• Provide equal gender opportunities for education and training in food production, processing and marketing

• Gather and utilize information on women's traditional knowledge and skills in agriculture, fisheries, forestry and natural resources management

• Promote the empowerment of small-scale family farmers, fishers and foresters, both women and men, to set up their own cooperatives and business undertakings.

• Increase awareness of the contribution women make to agriculture and rural development.

• Provide a learning and knowledge sharing opportunity and to develop new skills and access information and networks.

• Advocate for Value Chain approach to Agricultural Development in Cameroon in particular and Africa at large.

With P4U, there shall be no uneducated rural woman anymore! Therefore, be part of it now, eradicate your individual and collective hardship, and change your life and that of your community!!!