Pinnacle school of success was born out of the idea
'the greatest assert of any individual is education'.

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Curriculum Planning

Curriculum planning is completed on a term basis. A weekly class meeting shall be held between the pedagogic advisors / curriculum coach and teachers to undertake weekly planning. The curriculum coach works with individual teachers to set goals for their students. Curriculum coaches provide a very strong mentoring program, which compliments the staffing mix of expert, experienced and graduate teachers.

The teaching teams are given as much autonomy as possible including responsibility for their own planning and budget. The philosophy here is Power to the Teams. Participatory decision making is fundamental to our model

Furthermore, with the use of textbooks and classroom interaction as sources for the acquisition of new lexical items, we aim at encouraging extensive reading, changing the environment, interacting with people and listening to others. With these field works and even sight seeing in some rural settings, the spirit of social interaction as a means of vocabulary acquisition will be encouraged so as to make the learners (some of whom have never gone out of their urban location) to be aware of what is going on in the rural setting.

Against this backdrop, the administration will orientate teachers to draw up sessions for interactions in the mother tongues - a strategy to force pupils from the nursery to know the mother tongue as opposed to what they learn in the classroom. This is because the more pupils interact and read widely, the more new language items are acquired. As a result, learners in Pinnacle are to speak at least three languages; one mother tongue, plus the two received languages (English a received language, French because it is one of the official languages in Cameroon.). Consequently in this tri -lingual institution, we need to use all the languages so as to meet up with the 2035 millennium goals in Cameroon in order not to miss the train of development.


This would be achieved using cutting edge technology; a full and effective use is made of ICT during teaching and learning. In this light, we have trained personnel who will teach learners computer sciences and the use of the internet, audio-visual / lingual teaching; looking at opportunities to practice in order to reinforce what is taught in class.

The teachers shall attend regular workshops, meetings, demonstrations, displays and lectures to equip them as experts at the forefront of their specific areas.


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