Pinnacle school of success was born out of the idea
'the greatest assert of any individual is education'.

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What we offer?

Pinnacle offers a pre-nursery/kindergarten which provides working parents with a safe place to keep their children during working hours. It also provides a sound nursery, primary and tertiary education such that the children leave well equipped to gain admission into any reputable university the world over. The following programmes are offered:

  1. Pinnacle - Pre-nursery/kindergarten (under 3 years)

The main aim of the Pre-Primary is to develop and mould pupil into individuals who are able to fill their place in society. Children are prepared for formal demands of Grade 1 and to start the process of making true Pinnacle ladies and gentlemen out of them – boys and girls who are of good character, proud and have outstanding manners. A well planned programme shall be followed daily. Numeracy, Literacy and Life Skills form part of a daily programme and consist of team discussions, creative activities, music and movement. Ample time for inside and outside play shall be allowed. Learners shall be stimulated with numerous educational toys and multimedia learning aid.

Pinnacle Nursery (3 – 5 years)

Nothing was provided under nursery


A six year course at the end of which you obtain a First School Leaving Certificate

Arithmetic, hygiene and sanitation, hand writing, physical education, English language, manual arts, History, Civics, Domestic Economics, computer science, Geography, Nature study, Handwork and craft, Agriculture, French, Music, Religion, and moral instructions.  

Pinnacle Primary aspires to offer a sound academic education to all learners irrespective of age and culture.  Each learner has the opportunity be successful because Pinnacle Primary promotes.

Multilingualism as engraved in Cameroon’s Independence Act. French is introduced as a second language in class 1 through a communicative approach only.  From class 4 and onwards, learners are assessed in all two languages they offer.

This section consist of a five-year secondary school program at the end of which they obtain the General Certificate of Education - Ordinary Level which gives them access to a two year high school program to sit for the General Certificate of Education - Advanced Level.
At Pinnacle secondary and high school we are in the fortunate position of having excellent technological aids.   Amongst others there are a variety of computer programmes - which are upgraded and added to on a regular basis.


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  • Location and campus facilities
  • Admission and entrance requirements
  • At the level of Secondary school, subjects include:
    Mathematics, Computer science, Drawing, Plastic art, English language, French Language, Agriculture, History, Geography, Chemistry, Physics, Religious knowledge, Economics, Commerce, Biology, Human biology, Animal biology, Economics, Geography, Law and Government, Office Practice, Accounting, Business mathematics, and book keeping. In addition to these, vocational skills will be given high priority, as it is capable of generating self employment.

    At high school the following subjects are offered: Sciences:
    • Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Further Mathematics and Geology

    • Literature, History, Economics, Geography, Languages/French,