Pinnacle school of success was born out of the idea
'the greatest assert of any individual is education'.

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Pinnacle of Success International School (Pinnacle) is an Ultra Modern Anglo-Saxon Institution founded in Cameroon on the principle of operational excellence intended to provide a solid base to learners, in a bid to lay the ground works for a successful educational and vocational training that meets the challenges of the modern world. Pinnacle shall use cutting edge technology to impact knowledge to all its attendants. Our international pedagogy incorporates the teaching of respect, understanding, and self discipline and is designed to create thinking individuals who are inspired to be independent learners and achievers, thus creating global citizens. Pinnacle of Success was created by Ministerial Decree NO 134/A/501/A/MINEDUB/SG/DSEPB/SDAAP of 27 September 2012 and authorised to go operational by Ministerial Decree NO 099/J2/23/A/MINEDUB/SG/DSEPB/SDAAP of 01 August. 2013 .


The name Pinnacle was derived from pointed mountainous feature, indicating that education at Pinnacle provides that solid base and pathway to the peak of every individuals’ potentials.  The school is designed to stand out amidst the many schools in Yaoundé and Cameroon in terms of its QUALITY EDUCATION in the ANGLO-SAXON CULTURE.

The school motto is “Achieving Excellence Together”. The school emblem is a mountain with a clear path to the top designating the educational guidance it seeks to provide in nurturing learners from the base to when they develop their full potentials. Pinnacle is thus set up to equip its learners with the ability to face the future and challenges ahead purposefully and steadfastly with true internationally reputable standards that will benefit civilization.

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Considering the current rate of scholarisation in Cameroon and the high demand for education, PINNACLE OF SUCCESS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL has been created, to alleviate the problem of over population in some nursery, primary and secondary schools. Pinnacle was also born out of the idea that “the greatest assert of any individual is education” and whilst primary education is compulsory in Cameroon, secondary education is not compulsory in spite of being an unavoidable pathway to every citizen’s development. Pinnacle thus provides a serene environment where learners are motivated and made eager participants in their learning and development. Learners are treated with egalitarianism, evenhandedness and reverence. PINNACLE, is a reference institution of learning that embodies a pre-nursery, nursery, primary and a secondary and high school. Pinnacle shall be unveiled in phases with the nursery and primary school sections going operational from September 2013.

As part of curriculum development, parents and guardians shall be required to seat with the curriculum coach / pedagogic advisor of the school once a term to provide feedback which shall invaluably improve the quality of teaching in the school and ensure the involvement / input of parents in the way learners are taught and / or trained at Pinnacle.


“To produce a future generation of world class competitive and competent leaders of high moral rectitude and integrity”


“To deliver quality education to learners in a happy, safe, caring and conducive environment, aimed at laying a solid foundation and providing knowledge with growth adapted to an always evolving educational society”